Monday, July 13, 2020

Monday Musings

Well here we are with another week upon us. Here is what is on my mind today.

1) Working and watching Preston at the same time went ok last week. It is hard though and I am reluctantly looking forward to him going back to daycare in two weeks.

2) We have to decide by the end of the month if we are going to send Clark back to school in the fall or enroll him in the virtual campus. We are going to leave the decision up to him since he will be 12 in September and is old enough to make this decision. Of course we are going to provide him with all the information for both options to help him decide.

3) My hubby is going to try and get back on the afternoon shift. He hates getting up at 4am and they did give him the option of afternoons a few weeks ago but he decided to not go back at that time. I am not thrilled with the shift but if it makes him happier than I will go with it. I managed with him on that shift for over a year and hopefully now that Preston is a bit older it will be somewhat easier.

Here are the pictures for the week:

Just hanging out in the toy box
They were sitting together so nicely I had to take a picture
Sorry mama but I have important business to attend to
"Baby vaum"

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