Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Books Read - 3rd Quarter 2020

I have met my Good Reads goal for the year and completed 15 books for 2020. I think next year I will set my challenge to 20. For the 3rd quarter of the year I read 6 books.

1) The Best Worst Thing by Kathleen Lane - a very short YA novel about an anxious young girl and her quest to control everything. This girl sort of reminded me of myself as a tween. I was also very anxious and while I did not go through the things she did in the book I felt a kinship with her.

2) Your Killin' Heart by Peggy O'Neal Peden - a fun cozy mystery surrounding the murder of the widow of a country music icon. I enjoyed the main character and the setting of Nashville and the music scene as seen through the eyes of an outsider. I hope there are more books to come in this series.

3) Fake Plastic Love by Kimberley Tait - the story of a trio of friends navigating their way through life in New York City. I really did not enjoy this one very much. The characters were all annoying - especially the main male character. I wanted to yell at him to grow a pair already many times.

4) Kathy Griffin's Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index by Kath Griffin - I have always loved that Kathy Griffin does not take herself or other celebrities seriously. This was a fun little book where she describes her encounters with people as diverse as Donald Trump, Taylor Swift and Cher. I did laugh quite a bit and really enjoyed this one.

5) The Woman Who Couldn't Scream by Christina Dodd - a woman returns home once her wealthy elderly husband dies to get revenge on the man she thinks tried to kill her. I did not realize that this was the 4th book in a series but I think it stands alone pretty well. It did flip between the viewpoints of two characters. That does not bother me but I know that it does many people so keep that in mind. I think I ill eventually read more of the series.

6) Bad Girl Gone by Temple Mathews - Echo wakes up in a strange house surrounded by other strange kids with no idea how she got there. I loved the premise of this book - it is very original. Even though it is YA I think this books can be enjoyed by everyone. I did figure out the mystery pretty early on but it did not make me enjoy the book any less. 

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