Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Thoughts on Tuesday

The last full week of November is here. Although I wish time would slow down a little bit I am glad that we are a bit close to the end of 2020. Here is what I am thinking about today.

1) Since my husband works afternoons they cannot work past midnight on Wednesday since it is then technically the holiday. They worked Sunday instead so now I am all messed up as to what day it is.

2) I am training a new person at work this week. Then next week we have two more people who we will be training. I despise training so much but apparently I know to much and have to do it alot.

3) I am glad that we were able to get Preston through another asthma flair last week without a hospital visit. 

4) I hope that I am able to cook Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday without to much stress and that everything turns out well. 

Here are the pictures for the last two weeks.

The positions this kid sleeps in!
He said he was calling mama.
More yarn from the Dollar Tree.
More yarn from the Dollar Tree.
More yarn from the Dollar Tree.
More fun in the leaves.
Happy birthday to the best hubby and daddy.
Oh boy holding hands with a girl already!
Yep he's a two fisted drinker.

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