Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Thoughts on Tuesday

Another week is here and this is what I am thinking about today.

1) I had a doctor appointment this morning and as I was walking in I tripped over the curb. My glasses went flying but thankfully they didn't break. My left palm and my knees are pretty sore but thankfully nothing is broken and I didn't hit my head. My ego is pretty bruised as well.

2) Ironically last night for some reason Clark and I were discussing the fact that his dad has never broken a bone but that I broke my left arm twice and fractured my right knee cap.

3) There is also a cold bug in our house. On Friday Preston started sneezing and coughing. On Sunday I started coughing and had a sore throat. We are both feeling better now and while it is annoying it is nothing compared to what I went through with Covid.

Here are the pictures for the week.

The preemie hat for March is complete
Starting a dishcloth with this peachy colored yarn
It maybe time to start potty training
Styling in brother sunglasses
I will take out the toys, put myself in and get mad because I cannot make the box move
"Mama I working"

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