Tuesday, August 11, 2015

2015 Goal Check In

Now that we are half way through August I decided it was time to check in on my progress towards meeting my 2015 goals.


1) Learn to crochet - nope
2) Learn color work - nope
3) Learn to sew - nope
4) Make a sweater for me - nope
5) Finish our couch blanket - I have worked on this a bit
6) Make Clark's 5 year blanket - I bought yarn for the first group of square and picked the pattern
7) Learn to cross stitch - I bought a kit to learn for my birthday
8) Be better about updating Ravelry project pages - I have been so-so on this one
9) More charity knitting - did many preemie hats for Remembering Remy
10) Knit some everyday - I have been pretty good on this one


1) Lose 1lb per week - yeah not even close
2) Work out 5 times per week - hahahaha!
3) Creative writing 30 minutes per week - I tried but I am just not interested in writing right now
4) Cut out refined sugar - no
5) Keep doctor appointments and take medications - so far so good with this one
6) Go to knit night 2 times per month - so-so on this one as well
7) Read 52 books - I am 6 books behind pace
8) Particiapte in weekly photography challenge - I decided to scrap tho one pretty early on
9) Bedtime routine (wash face, brush teeth, floss and medications) - pretty successful on this one
10) Blog 3 times per week - again I have somewhat met this one


1) Save at least $20 per month - nope
2) Less unescessary spending - doing better but still room for improvement
3) Pay off loan to my sister - done
4) Start a 529 savings account for Clark - not yet


1) Do a special family event one per month - so far so good
2) Have more patience with the fellas - still room for improvement
3) Less TV time for Clark - did well until summer vacation
4) Restart Clark's chore chart - nope
5) Eat dinner together 3 times per week - doing alright with this one


1) Declutter for 15 minutes 3 times per week - no
2) Deep clean one it,e per week - nope


1) Be kinder to myself - yeah no
2) Realize I cannot do everything - but I am still trying to
3) Do not be afraid to try new things - ok on this one
4) Remember that I do not have to complete everything all at once - nope

So it appears that I still have quite a bit of work to do. Until next time ....

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A :-) said...

But wow!! Look how much you have accomplished so far and there are still four and a half months in this year. You Go, Girl!! You're doing great :-)