Monday, January 08, 2018

Monday Musings

Here we are one week into the New Year. Here is what is on my mind this week.

1) I fell on my rear end on Christmas Eve and it is still killing me. I thought I had enough cushion back there that this would not be an issue but I guess not.

2) Little man had school Wednesday and Thursday of last week and then school was cancelled on Friday because the wind chill was -20 degrees.

3) Since it has been so bitterly cold it felt like a heat wave when we hit 32 degrees today.

4) Little man had his check up 2 weeks ago. He is 4'9" tall and 77 lbs. He also has to go have a sleep study done because the doctor thinks he has sleep apnea. I cannot believe that at 9 that is a possibility but it is.

Here are the pictures for the week.

Playing in the snow
A boy ad his guinea pig
I told him that he couldn't have an exercise ball so he made me this sweet note to butter me up. It didn't work.
A Christmas gift from my dad
Someone did not want his picture taken
 I finally bound off my niece's blanket - onto the border
Waiting for The Last Jedi to begin
Happy New Year from little man and I
Hopefully this is not an indication of how my yer is going to go
Enjoying the last moments of winter break
A work from home day for me
Well at least it's sunny

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