Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Books Read: 1st Quarter 2019

I used to read so much that I did a monthly books read post. Now I am moving to a quarterly post because I am just not able to read as much anymore. So for the 1st quarter of 2019 I read the following:

1) Rising Strong by Brene Brown: I really enjoy her books. They are self help but not preachy. I also like how she writes about her own struggles and let the reader know that she still struggles with these issues sometime. This book deals with how to bounce back from failures in our lives.

2) A Knit Before Dying by Sadie Hartwell: this is the second book in the Tangled Web mystery series. In this book Josie and her friends are trying to solve the murder of the antique store owner who just arrived to town. Not great literature but a fun read.

3) The Last Letter From Your Lover by JoJo Moyes: the story of a ill-fated couple from the 1960's and the journalist in 2003 who stumbles across their letters and tries to solve the mystery of what happened to them. I like the part of the book set in the past but the journalist in the 2003 part really irritated me. She was very whiny and annoying. All in all though it was worth the read. 

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