Monday, April 22, 2019

Monday Musings

Monday has managed to roll around again. Here is what is on my mind today.

1) Our sleeping arrangements are stressing me out. Now that Preston is mobile he cannot sleep in his bassinet because he tries to stand up in it. We have tried his Pack 'n Play but it is not working. My friend said we can borrow her crib but we really don't have room for it.

2) My anxiety has been out of control the past week or so. On Saturday it was so bad and I was such a bitch that I didn't want to be around myself. I am sure this is why I am overreacting to #1.

3) AT&T no longer carries the NFL Network. Of course our bill has not gone down any. It is not that big of a deal now but I am feeling a change coming on in the fall if this doesn't get resolved.

Here are the pictures for the week.

This satisfied my OCD tendencies
Another successful egg dyeing session
Happy Easter

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