Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Ten on Tuesday

In hopes of finding some more blogging material I have decided to reinstate the Ten on Tuesday posts. This is no longer official but feel free to play along if you want to. My topic for today is: 10 Things About Me.

1) I am the youngest child in my family and the youngest grandchild on both sides.

2) I always wanted to be a lawyer growing up but once I started studying for the LSAT I decided it was not for me.

3) I always thought I wanted to have daughters but I have come to realize that I really am meant to be a boy mom.

4) I met my husband at a bar. I told my friend I was with that night that if he was not the man I was meant to marry I did not know who was.

5) I am what is called an extroverted introvert. I do like being around people but I need a lot of recovery time afterward.

6) I have a major sweet tooth which is not a good thing for a diabetic.

7) I am a major sports junkie and watch NFL, NBA, NHL, college football and college basketball pretty religiously.

8) I have a pretty bad addiction to Cherry Coke Zero. Regular Coke Zero will also do but Diet Coke is only for desperate times when the other two are not available.

9) I grew up in a very small town and never felt like I fit in there. To many closed minded people for my liking.

10) I am a pretty picky eater. I do not eat most vegetable, seafood is out and my stuff better not touch.

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