Friday, July 08, 2005

The state of the world

I do not even know where to being talking about what happened yesterday in London. I can not even begin to fathom why people feel they have the right to kill innocent people who are just trying to get to work and live their lives. I hope they find these people and make an example of them for the other crazies out there looking to repeat these people's actions.

This all has made me think of 9/11. My sister and I took our niece to NYC that summer. We were actually on the observation deck of the World Trade Center 13 days before the planes hit. I have always wondered about the people who worked there and if they made it out alive. I will never know but it is something that I still think about - especially yesterday.

In knitting news my discloth is coming along, though I don't think this will be for the swap. The checkerboard pattern is not showing up well on the striped yarn. I will have to find a new pattern to work on the for the swap. Good thing I still have a few weeks to finish the dishcloth.

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