Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Work is for suckers

Today's title is sponsored by my BIL - this is one of his favorite sayings. The only good thing about today is that it went by quickly. I am so sick and tired of all the complaining that goes on there. No one is ever happy. I do my fair share of complaining but not to that extent. At least tomorrow is Wednesday and so the week is almost over. I also found out that a coworker is getting a divorce. I can't say that I'm really surprised. A bunch of us went to their house for a party once and she was totally putting him down in front of her coworkers and neighbors. Marriages can't last with that lack of respect so rampant. But I still feel sorry for her - I think he is screwing around. Men can be such dogs - I am so glad that I have the greatest husband in the world (tm)

I have not done much knitting lately. I started my dishcloth for the exchange but after 10 rows I realized I hated the pattern. So I found a cute checkerboard pattern on dishcloth boutique and I am going to start on that. I guess I have made tons of knitting progress if we count reading knitting blogs. I read all of Laurie's archives and I think I have a platonic girl crush on her. She is so funny that I literally made hubby think I was crazy because I was laughing so hard. And Mr. X is a complete moron for dumping her.

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