Friday, February 10, 2006

Citius, Alitius, Fortius

So the Knitting Olympics are underway. I have not yet cast on for my project - I decided to wait until I was watching the opening ceremonies. I did want to come here and jot down some of my thoughts about the actual Olympics.

My mom and I always watched the Olympics together. Actually we, along with my sister, had talked about going to Salt Lake for the 2002 winter games. Unfortunately we never made it. My mom died in the middle of the 2002 games so this Olympics will be a bittersweet experience. She and I always enjoyed both the summer and winter games but the winter games were always our favorite. I am my mother's daughter - I am such a sap. I have my box of tissue next to me because I know I will be crying before the ceremonies are over. My favorite part is the parade of nations. It always amazes me how people from different countries, continents, religions, cultures and beliefs can come together to compete for the love of their sports. It gives me chills when I think about it. In the days of over paid professional athletes it is amazing to see people - especially those from small countries - who compete just because they love what they do.

Ok - enough with the sappy stuff and back to the knitting. Amby, who is a doll, made our group of Olympians bags to keep our projects in. Here's mine:

Here is the yarn I am using to make my Clapotis - Rowan Felted Tweed in color 142-Melody. Sorry but every picture I took turned out fuzzy.

Well that is all. I'm not sure how much updating I will do in the next 16 days but I will try to get some progress pics up during the process. Until next time ....


Amby said...

What a bittersweet time for you indeed...thank you for sharing that memory of your mother. Hugs to you!!!!!

Dana said...

Be content knowing that she IS watching it with you, she's just a little further away is all. Thanks for sharing your story and you're in my thoughts thru these games.

AmyArtisan said...

Thanks for sharing your family Olympics memories. I've got a lot of family Olympic memories as well - including crafting.

Good luck with your project. :)

(PS - found your link on the dishcloth KAL