Thursday, February 02, 2006

I Never Get This Lucky!

I am amazed at my luck today. Usually lucky things don't happen to me but today that changed. When my hubby picked up the mail today I had a check from the state of Michigan. Apparently, I made a mistake when I filed my taxes last year and I not only didn't have to pay like I did but I had a $70 refund coming to me. So I now have $127 I was not expecting and it is already burning a hole in my pocket! I do want to go to the NFL experience and we will probably do that on Sunday and I will take my hubby out to dinner one night next week. Maybe I will buy something off my Amazon wishlist with what's left over - who knows.

Why is it that a short work week always seems to go by so much slower than a full week? I was off on Monday and I feel like today should be Friday. I was even gone today for an hour and a half - of course I was at the gyno - and today just dragged on. At least I get to go out for drinks tomorrow after work! I don't even drink that much but I will be having a rum and coke to enter into my weekend. Saturday I will get the apartment to myself since Jerry will be out visiting his girls. That will give me a lot of quality knitting time. I started my Irish walking scarf last night at our Wednesday knit up. I even managed to remember even and odd numbers after a while. I screwed up the scarf because I was knitting backwards - doing the odd row pattern on an even row and vice versa. That's what I get for trying to read a pattern, knit, do math and talk at the same time. I should really know better - the math alone is enough to screw me up.

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Kirsti said...

Woo-hoo!Buy some yummy yarn instead? Go to a yarn store and indulge yourself... you know you want to :)