Monday, June 26, 2006

The Big 3-0

So I am now the big 3-0 (well technically not until 11:17 pm) but it is not as bad as I thought it would be. I am just trying not to be obsessive like I always am. I am also not beating myself up for not being where I thought at 20 I would be when I was 30. In a lot of ways my life is better than I thought it would be 10 years ago. I am not going to look back - only ahead.

The hubby and I had a nice time in Toronto over the weekend. I also had today off of work so my birthday weekend has been wonderful. Tomorrow hubby is taking me up to Skeins on Main to pick up something for my birthday since all their Rowan is 20% off. I am still a Kidsilk Haze virgin so I may have to change that. Of course my budget may not like that though. I was also able to get my bookmark exchange package in the mail so I hope my partner likes it.

I finished the June Mid-Month KAL yesterday at the IKEA cafe in Toronto while hubby shopped. We are the opposite of most couples - I hate shopping and he loves it. As always the FO details are here. So that's it for now - until next time ....


Kirsti said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad that you had a good time in Toronto (and got to do IKEA too, without all the Canton crowds). 30 is a good decade, honestly! Keep moving forwards - and what better than Crack Silk Haze to inspire you!

Amby said...

Happy Birthday!!! Have fun at Skeins! (Pssst...the Knitting Room gives you a discount on yarn during your birthday month, just so you know). :-)