Sunday, July 16, 2006

Knitting Black Thumb

I have always had a gardening black thumb. I have killed every plant I ever attempted to own. One time I watered a plant to much and it molded. I did not even know plants could get mold. Another time I killed one of my mothers hanging baskets when they were on vacation. However, she had a green thumb and was able to save the poor thing after I forgot to water it. I now think that I have developed a knitting black thumb. Everything I have tried to knit in the past 2 days has gone to hell. Since Friday I have had to rip out my knit for the cure dishcloth because I had a big hole. I started another dishcloth twice but I ended up with 2 extra stitches both times so I have set that aside. Finally, I have no idea what I did to my shawl but my pattern is now off by about 5 stitches. I tried to go back a few rows yesterday and fix it but it didn't work. It is now in time out until I have the right mindset to rip out more rows and figure out where I screwed up. I think I will start the KAL that began today and I hope it will not become knitting disaster #4.

On a nicer note, here is only one of many reasons I have the best husband any girl could ask for. This morning he went out to the Royal Oak garage sale and he stopped by Ewe-nique Knits and bought me a present. He bought me 5 balls of yarn for $5 - can't beat that. Here's a picture of the booty - sorry I saw Pirates 2 last night and the pirate thing is sticking with me.

He got me 2 balls of Lana Grossa Tender, one ball of Liberty and 2 balls of Plymouth Encore DK. He also grabbed their class list because he saw that it had sock classes on it and he knows I want to learn how to knit socks. Isn't he wonderful?

Well I need to get ready - I am going to visit my new cousin - the one I knit the blanket for - today. I can't wait to get baby snuggles and to sniff her head - gotta love that baby smell! Until next time....

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Kirsti said...

It's the heat, I'm sure it is. You're a much better knitter than you think. At least you "get it"! ;)

And the yarn looks great. What a wonderful hubby you have. Hope you enjoyed the baby time.