Monday, September 04, 2006

Here I go again

I feel bad for neglecting this blog since I started my new baby. The main reason I have not posted here is that I have not had much knitting progress. I am still working on my bookmark for my exchange partner (which I can't show here because she reads my blog) and my Irish Hiking Scarf. I have also started the September KAL and I actually managed to finish something!

The Knit for the Cure washcloth. It was a pain but I finally finished it. There are several mistakes but I wanted to just finish it already and did not care. I will be using it to wash my face so a few mistakes don't matter to me! Details here as always.

I had a pretty weird experience yesterday and it freaked me out all day. Jerry left around 9:30am to go see his daughters. I was in the living room watching TV about a half hour later when I heard a very faint knock on the door. I looked out the peephole and there was a large, older, balding man in a paisley print shirt and khaki shorts. He was standing pretty far away from the door. I asked him if I could help him and he said, very quietly so I couldn't hear everything, that he needed to pick up some papers for Kyle or Cody somebody for some insurance company. I told him he had the wrong apartment and that I was not opening the door. He left but he must have gone out the back door on the other side of the building because I was watching out my window and never saw him leave. It is possible that it was on the up and up but all I know is as soon as I saw him out there my gut instinct was to not open the door. It was a Sunday morning and a holiday weekend - who does business then? Plus he was not dressed professionally at all. He looked like he was going to go golfing. Rapists and murderers often prey on the fact that women want to help and can be guilted into doing what they know they should not. I would rather be alive and considered a bitch than be nice and end up dead. Just remember to be careful out there ladies.

I was saddened today to wake up to the news that Steve Irwin was dead. He did so much to bring awareness of animal rights and environmentalism to the world. Even though I often thought he was a crazy SOB I also loved the passion he had for his work. We should all be so lucky to be able to earn a living doing something we love so much. I feel very bad for his wife and his children. I hope he's up in heaven giving a demonstration and wrestling with a crocodile as I type this.

Finally, I would like to make a personal plea for help. On Sunday October 8th I will be participating in the Michigan Humane Society's Mega March for Animals. The Humane Society is a wonderful organization that I support with my entire being. You can help by sponsoring me here. You can donate online or send me a check. There may even be some yarny goodness for one (or more) of my sponsors. My goal is $200 but more would always be welcome. Now I have to start walking so I can get into shape for the 2 mile walk. Oh jeez what did I get myself into? Until next time ....


Larjmarj said...

Nice work on the wash cloth. Nice pattern too. As for your creepy experience, how scary. It gave me a chill. You were smart and fast thinking.

Purl said...

Oops, and I thought I was being sneaky! I'm almost done with the dishcloth KAL, too.

Thanks for the reminder about being careful. I'm glad you were so smart!