Sunday, December 31, 2006

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Since it is New Year's Eve I decided to take a look back at the To Do's/To Do Not's (first entry at bottom of the page) from last year. I am actually impressed with how many of the things on that list I was able to accomplish. I made Clapotis (May 6th entry), I go to knit night pretty much every week, I cook at home a lot more often, I have put some money away in my savings and my 401K along with a few others. I think I have made many positive changes in 2006 and I am hoping to make even more in 2007. Without further ado we now have .......

Kristy's 2007 To Do and To Do Not Lists

Personal To Do's
1) Put even more money into savings each month
2) Figure out what I want to be when I grow up and work towards making it happen
3) Pay off those damn credit cards
4) Either buy a house or find a bigger apartment once our lease ends in September
5) Bite the bullet and get pregnant already!
6) Remember that just because someone chooses to be miserable you do not have to let that effect you
7) Get new contacts because the ones I have are older than dirt
8) Continue to drink more tea and water
9) Remember that my job is just my way of paying the bills and does not define me
10) Become much better about cleaning the house - begin working on the closet of doom ASAP

Knitting To Do's
1) Join the KAL and learn socks
2) Make poor Jerry's hat that has been languishing for almost a year
3) Do a knitting project for charity at least once a quarter
4) Make a sweater for myself
5) Finish projects faster than my current rate of once every 6 months (except dishcloths of course)
6) Make Birch
7) Continue to not buy yarn if I have no idea what I am going to do with it

To Do Not's
1) Do not compare myself to other people because they rarely have it as together as I think they do
2) Do not allow your boss to ruin your day/week/month/year
3) Do not buy stuff out of the machines at work
4) Do not allow work to pile up (if you can help it)
5) Do not waste money on stupid things you do not need

Well I will try my best to stick by these. Jerry and I are off later to my brother and SIL's house for their annual party. We will stay at my dad's and have our traditional New Years Day quiche (Yum-o!) tomorrow. I hope you all have a safe evening and a happy 2007. Until next time ....


del said...

Good lists! I hope you can accomplish everything you want to accomplish. Happy New Year!

Amanda said...

I love your lists.. I should make one... or two or three....

Debi said...

Hi Kristyn! Surprise YOU are the winner of the crimson laceweight yarn at FluffyKnitterDeb!!!
I haven't announced it yet but I will Monday or Tuesday! Please send me your address so I can get it out to you! Thanks for reading!