Sunday, February 11, 2007

Busy weekend - or is that productive?

So this was a busy weekend for me. I guess I should rephrase that and say I had a productive weekend.

The other day I received a wonderful package from the dishcloth exchange. I received a beautiful cloth, the cutest sock shaped point protectors, truffles and mints in the cutest knitting tin.

I also have to send a package out to someone. I finished the cloth last weekend and today I made some stitch markers to go with it.

So last night I finally sucked it up and started on my sock. The yarn is Dancing from Knit Picks gifted to me by the wonderful Kirsti. I think socks will be a slow project for me. The small needles and yarn scare me. At least I have great company in Lolly.

Now for the Project Spectrum pictures.

I am making a simple 2x2 rib afghan square for Warm Up America. The yarn is crappy Red Heart but I love the Royal Blue color.

I made these earrings today also. I love them and they were just as easy as stitch markers. I see more of these in my future.

So I need to get mentally prepared to go back to reality aka work tomorrow. Until next time ....

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lauriec said...

Very pretty stitch markers! I have the same beads (your purple ones) in pink!