Thursday, February 08, 2007

On a cheerier note ...

Sorry to bum everyone out with my last entry but it was something I had to get off my chest. So I hope you all find this to be a much cheerier entry.

So here are my Project Spectrum photos for this entry:

Today was a beautiful sunny day. Even if it was still freezing out. I took this picture of the pretty blue sky and white clouds as I was leaving work.

I have always been afraid of white bedding but the hubby loves it. However, this is growing on me. The comforter is from IKEA and is very comfy.

Finally, a ball of Plymouth Encore DK that hubby bought for me at the Royal Oak garage sale last summer. I am planning on making a Calorimetry for myself. It will keep my ears warm while scrapping frost and snow off my car.

I also have another dishcloth to show you. This is the February KAL. I like how this turned out on the size 6's but I need to invest in a pair that are bamboo because the metal kill my hands. My how times have changed. Until next time ....

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