Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring Knitty

So the spring edition of Knitty has sprung. There are actually a couple of things I would consider making.

Tahoe - I love this simple sweater. I can actually see myself wearing this thing to death.

Ribena - I love this simple tee. I think it would be great made out of cotton for a summer top.

Isabella - this is such a beautiful and feminine tank. I love it even though I do not wear tanks very often.

Palette -even though I do not spin I love this scarf. I would love to make this out of someone else's hand spun if anyone want to send me some!

- the idea of knitting jewelry is something that has interested me for a while. This could be an interesting way to get started.

Queen of Cups - why haven't I pressed this sock knitting thing when I am so drawn to sock patterns. I love the lace detail on this one.

Clessidra - I think this one will have to wait a while. I am very well endowed in the calf area and my calf is 17 inches. The pattern is for 14.5 inch calves so I need to do some of the dreaded math with these.

Now one for the WTF files. I love Space Invaders too but these are ridiculous.

Coming up a post with two FOs - maybe tomorrow. Until next time ....


Anonymous said...

I know, Knitty is pretty impressive this edition. I love a couple of those tops myself.

Larjmarj said...

I LOVE the space invaders socks! I am actually considering these for my first two color project! The geeks at work will be soooooo jealous!