Sunday, August 05, 2007

Home Sweet Home

So I made it home from vacation safe and sound. We actually came home a day early on Friday because it was hotter than hades up there. I have officially become a wimp. I used to live upstairs at my parents house where it was 100+ degrees in the summer without air conditioning. Now I melt when the house gets over 75 degrees. I did get a lot of knitting and reading finished while I was up there and I feel very refreshed. I still do not want to go back to work tomorrow! Oh well back to reality for me.

Before I left for vacation I was tagged by Laurie as a

and now i have to tag 5 fellow bloggers for the honor. So here are some Rockin' Girl Bloggers

- Tina from Blooming Knitter
- Katherine from Bald Sheep
- Amanda from Stray Cat
- Miranda from The Girls With the Purls
- Sherry from Chaos Theory (one of the first blogs I ever read)

So next in my next entry I will show off all my knitting I did while on vacation. Until next time ....

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