Wednesday, June 03, 2009

An Actual Finished Object!

I have an actual finished object, my first since February. The third time was a charm for the Clark Sweater.

The pattern is the Teddy Cardigan from Lion Brand and I used 1.5 skeins of Vanna's Choice in Brick. The yarn is not the greatest but for a baby knit it will do. I messed up the buttonhole placement but overall I am happy with it. I found 4 elephant buttons at JoAnn's that I couldn't resist. More details located here and here. Here it is modeled by the recipient.

He was tired and ready to start our walk in the park so he was not the most cooperative model. However, he looks very adorable in it and I am glad the weather has been unseasonably cool so he can actually wear it a few times.

In real life issues the reason I am posting at 3pm on Wednesday afternoon is because I am no longer employed. I was laid off from my job on May 18th. I was not surprised but it still stung a little. After working there for almost 6 years and doing eveything they asked of me without complaint it felt like a smack in the face. Especially considering how some people do nothing but complain or surf the web all day. I am over it now though and I am looking at this as an opportunity. I am planning on taking my money from the No Worker Left Behind program and going back to school to become a medical biller. However, right now I am just sending resumes out even though I have unemployment. In this job market you just can not wait anymore. I had an interview yesterday but I was interview number 2 out of 28 for the first round so I am not holding my breath. So as of right now I am a SAHM which has been interesting. Unil next time ....

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Amby said...

Oh of luck to you, good job vibes headed your way!!!