Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh I'm Halfway There

Yesterday at knit night I finished another Christmas gift. This means I am halfway done with my holiday knitting! I am really starting to feel pretty good about where I am with my gifts. Again I hope I am not inviting the wrath of the knitting gods by being to confident.

This is a wine bottle cozy for my dad's fiance, Marion. I did not have a wine bottle to model it so I used a malt vinegar bottle that was to short and that is why it looks kind of wonky in the picture. I used some Wool-Ease that I got in a swap over 4years ago so I am glad to finally be able to put it to a good use. Details once again located at the FO Blog and Ravelry.

I am finally starting to get in the holiday spirit. I started Clark's Christmas shopping today. It is nice that he is still so young I can take him shopping with me and he will never remember. This weekend we will take him to see Santa and maybe see the light show in downtown Rochester. I may also bake and decorate Jerry's cut out sugar cookies. Oh and I need to finally get our tree up. So much to do so little time. Until next time ....


Robin said...

You are on a ROLL!!!!! The gifts are great! I love giving and getting handknits.

g-girl said...

congrats on finishing the wine cozy! you mean all the holiday specials/movies hadn't gotten you into the holiday spirit yet? i know it's tough.