Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

I skipped last week's ToT because the topic was 10 Things to Take Camping. I do not do camping. Maybe when Clark is older we will try it but right now give me my cabin up north or a nice hotel. So this week's topic, 10 Things to do Instead of Watch TV, is more up my alley. Now I do watch WAAAAAYYYYYY to much TV but I do have other things I enjoy doing.

1) Read a book
2) Listen to music
3) Go for a walk
4) Play a game
5) Call a friend or loved one
6) Take a nap
7) Talk with you spouse or SO
8) Sing a song with your children
9) Knit (duh!)
10) Go for a drive in the country

I am interested to see what everyone else comes up with. Until next time ....


Susanne said...

I like #7 - or so....

Ruth said...

I also skipped last week, for the same reason.

I like your list!

Channon said...

Nice list! We don't camp either. I loved to as a child/teen, but not anymore...

g-girl said...

lol! i'm not a camper either. and i, too, watch waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much tv! but soon that will end once i start working again. :)