Monday, May 16, 2011

Cable Dishcloth Project

Recently I purchased The Very Easy Guide to Cable Knitting with my Christmas gift card. While going through the book I had another one of my brilliant ideas as Blair Warner would say. Why not make dishcloths out of the cable patterns in the book? Plus, I can knit them out of the colors for Project Spectrum and kill two birds with one stone. So with that the Cable Dishcloth Project was born.

This is the first cloth - the Slip Stitch Cable. This was made from Sugar 'n Cream in Country Red. More details are located on Ravelry and my FO Blog.

I am almost done with cloth #2 and I am really enjoying this little project. Until next time ....


hakucho said...

What a great and useful way to try out all the cable patterns!!

g-girl said...

you are indeed a genius!