Monday, September 12, 2011

August Wrap Up and September Start

Due to the time spent knitting on the slog I did not have much production on pink projects for Project Spectrum in August. In fact I completed only 1 thing - a dishcloth that actually was not finished until September. This is the Twisted Rib Cable Cloth. Details as always are at Ravelry and the FO Blog.

However, September is off to a great start. I have finished my first yellow project for the month.

This is the Cable and Braid Cloth. Details at Ravelry and the FO Blog. I must say that I am really enjoying knitting these cable patterns as dishcloths. I will be a little sad once I am finished. I guess it is a good thing that I still have a lot of patterns to go! Until next time ....

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g-girl said...

i like the color of the pink dishcloth. :)