Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

The topic for this week is 10 Movies You Want To See Right Now. They can be new movies or old favorites.

1) The Artist - I am normally not big on most Oscar nominated films but this one looks so cute.
2) The Muppets - I loved the show as a kid and still love Kermit and the gang.
3) The Woman in Black - I love a good scary movie and seeing Daniel Ratcliff as someone other than Harry Potter will be interesting.
4) Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - I find the premise very interesting.
5) The Dark Knight Rises
6) There's Something About Mary - I watch this whenever I need a pick me up.
7) Finding Nemo - I love this one and I wish I could get Clark interested in watching it especially since he loves fish.
8) Gone With the Wind - my favorite movie of all time

Well that is all I can think of. Until next time ....


Merry Karma said...

I really enjoyed The Artist.

g-girl said...

I heard The Artist was pretty good. I can't wait for the muppet movie to come out on dvd. :)