Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Sort of FO: Fake-A-Gamo Bag

I am calling this a sort of FO since the knitting is done but not the finishing. However, I am celebrating the fact that the Fake-A-Gamo bag is FINALLY off the needles. I started knitting this in June of 2009. I had many stops and starts because the pattern was not the best. Now the designer did figure the pattern out from simply looking at pictures and put it up for free so I am not going to complain to much however, I did have to rewrite a significant portion of the pattern to make it work out correctly.

Here are the two panels. They do need to be blocked and I am hoping to bock them slightly wider since they are so long.

Here is a close up of the design. You cannot see the wrap stitches very well in the picture but that is my favorite part.

I wanted to use up all of the yarn and I think I succeeded. This is all that was left.

I was sweating out the last few rows and the bind off on the 2nd panel but it all worked out. Now I need to block, sew the panels together, make and sew the lining and find some dowels for the handles and sew them in as well. There is still quite a but of work to be done and it maybe about a month or so before it is finished but the knitting is done! Until next time ....


lauriec said...

I may have queued this years ago too! Yours looks great! I can't see it all put together!

A :-) said...

This looks like it's going to be great!