Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Our topic for the week is 10 Favorite TV Shows from Your Childhood. Now I watched way to much T as a kid so this should be pretty easy.

1) The Muppet Show - I remember running to the TV when I heard the theme music and standing there watching the opening credits. Then Gonzo would blow his horn and I would laugh hysterically.
2) Double Trouble - Kate and Allison were twin sisters who were also dancers. In the second season they moved to New York City to live with their aunt. I totally loved this show and was sad when it was cancelled.
3) Growing Pains - oh how I loved Kirk Cameron.
4) Family Ties
5) The Cosby Show
6) The Golden Girls - even though most of the subject matter went over my head watching now I can not believe my mom let me watch this show.
7) Kate and Allie - I as so jealous that the two girls got to live with their best friend.
8) Mama's Family - I had such a crush on Bubba.
9)  The Facts of Life - I wanted to go to a school like Eastland.
10) Beverly Hills 90210 - I wanted my high school to be like this.


dianne said...

You have some great shows on your list! I love The Cosby Show and Family Ties :-)

g-girl said...

I loved all these shows!! When we had cable, I'd watch some of them on reruns..other favorites of mine are Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley. :)