Wednesday, June 26, 2013

FO: Geet the Garage Monster

This past Saturday Clark had a birthday party for his buddy Jordan. I am never sure what to buy people when there is no list and I just did not feel like going into the toy section and browsing. So what is a knitter to do? Knit a monster of course!

This is Geet the Garage Monster from Rebecca Danger's The Big Book of Knitted Monsters. He was made from Caron Simply Soft in Bone for his body and limbs and black for his ears. He was very easy to make and I was tempted to keep him. My only complaint is that the safety eyes I used were to small. They were the only ones I had and since I did not finish putting him together until about an hour before the party I had to use them. Jordan loved him and hugged on him when he opened the package but I did not get a picture and I do not post pictures of other people's children online anyway. Until next time ....

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