Sunday, June 30, 2013

FO: Hitchin' a Ride

With the craziness that has been the last couple of months I have been craving very simple knits. Thankfully I was gifted by the kind Raerean with the pattern for Hitchhiker by Martina Behm. The pattern was very simple but had a bit of interest with the teeth that you make at the end of each repeat. So here is my Hitchin' a Ride.

This was a total gift project since not only was the pattern gifted to me but I won the yarn in the Knitting Brooklyn Squares for Sandy KAL. The yarn is Fivemoons Luna Plus 4ply in the Marmalade Chutney colorway. It was very nice to work with and created a very squooshy garment. I wanted to use it all up and came very close.

This is all the yarn I had left over - 38".  I was able to enter this in the Martina Behm KAL for the Wolfe Farms and LEMKnitCrochet podcasts and the Orange-Along with The Fat Squirrel Speaks podcast. I absolutely love this shawl. The AC has been on full blast last week at work and having this wrapped around my neck kept the cold air from the vent over my desk from going down my shirt. I highly recommend this one. Until next time ...

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Sandra said...

pretty!! I love that pattern - so much fun to knit.