Monday, February 03, 2014

Books Read: January 2014

Well my reading mojo has returned with a vengeance. Of course my knitting mojo has seemed to have left the building but we will not discuss that. In January I finished 4 books.

1) The Last Camel Died at Noon: An Amelia Peabody Mystery by Elizabeth Peters - in this installment Amelia, Emerson and Ramses find themselves trapped in a hidden mystery city while trying to determine if the son and daughter-in-law of their benefactor are alive or not.

2) The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown - three sisters who seem to have nothing in common besides being named for Shakespeare characters return home when their mother is diagnosed with cancer and try to fight who everyone thinks they are.

3) The Unlikely Disciple: A Sinners Semester at America's Holiest University by Kevin Roos - a Quaker liberal from Brown University enrolls at Liberty University - founded by Jerry Falwell - and learns that people are not always what we imagine them to be.

4) Last Wool and Testament: A Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery by Molly MacRae - in this first book of a new series Kath Rutledge returns to the small Tennessee town her grandmother lived in upon her death. Here she must deal with blackmail, murder and a pesky ghost.

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Linda said...

I loved The Weird Sisters... And am re-reading it now!

Linda in VA