Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Ten on Tuesday:The I Am Edition

Our topic this week is I Am ... Here it goes

1) I Am ... tired. I have not been sleeping well the past couple of weeks
2) I Am ... so over winter
3) I Am ... wanting my knitting mojo back
4) I Am ... looking forward to taking Clark to see Sesame Street Live next week. He is going to lose his mind.
5) I Am ... feeling overwhelmed by everything I need and want to do
6) I Am ... a month behind on my TV shows. Our DVR is almost full.
7) I Am ... planning my Ravellenic project
8) I Am ... hoping to finish Clark's scarf soon
9) I Am... sticking to my workout challenge. Yes I realize it has only been 4 days but since I only worked out 1 day in January I feel pretty good.
10) I Am ... going to bed

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