Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ten on Tuesday: The I Feel Edition

This week we have another writing prompt. I liked the last one we had so I am looking forward to this one. The topic for this week is I feel …

1) I feel like a proud mama. Clark was nominated for a Sparkle award at school for showing exemplary support of his feel special needs students.
2) I feel tired. Getting up at 5am to work out after not going to be until midnight was not the best idea.
3) I feel proud. Today is day number 25 of working out this month.
4) I feel crazy. I have offered to make afghans for my step-daughter and my DH’s niece for their weddings this summer. What was I thinking?
5) I feel ready for spring.
6) I feel full. We had a yummy lunch brought in for us at work today.
7) I feel happy that my knitting mojo seems to be making a return.
8) I feel cold. The polar vortex is back upon us.
9) I feel behind. So much to do so little time.
10) I feel like I am done.

Until next time ….


Patti Miinch said...

25 days of working out -- I'm impressed!

Linda said...

Does knitting a lot during the day count as working out? If so, I've got it down! LOL! Really tho - 25 days of working out is fantastic!

Linda in VA