Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Ten on Tuesday: The Is It True Edition

With today being April Fool’s Day our topic for this week is 10 “Facts” About Me. Some of these will be true, some will not and you need to guess which is which. Here we go:

1) I am the youngest child and grandchild on both sides of my family
2) I met my husband in a bar
3) I was detained at the US-Canada border when I was 19 because of the guy I was dating at the time
4) I have never broken a bone
5) I have a degree in Political Science, worked in politics for a time and decided I hated it
6) I have never received a speeding ticket
7) We moved 4 times in 4 years (from when I was 6-10). We stayed in the same town just different houses.
8) I wanted to be a figure skater, Mary Lou Retton and a jockey as a kid
9) I had a pony named Rusty when I was younger
10) I have never left North America


Donna said...

I am stumped. But I can tell you we have number 4 and 6 in common!

Linda said...

I'll say 3 and 8 are not true.... But you have me stumped! It is hard enough for me to tell when people in my real life are not fooling me - LOL!

Linda in VA

Mary said...

I wish #6 were true about me! ...something tells me it is true about you. If I had to guess...I'd say #2 is the fiction. Happy April 1st!