Saturday, June 28, 2014

Birthday Musings

This past Thursday was my birthday.  I turned 38 years old. I am not quite sure how that happened. It seems like just yesterday I turned 30 and here I am pushing 40. I am not sure why but lately I have been thinking a lot about the past and where I want to go in the future.

I have always had a lot of great ideas but very rarely but them into being. I think it is a fear a failure that holds me back. It is also part laziness. At the end of the day it is easier to sit back and do nothing than put in the work that needs to be done. To bad that I have to do that pesky working for a living thing.

So what to do? Well in the words of Nike "just do it". However, it seems so overwhelming that I need to break things down into baby steps. I need to silence that nagging voice in my head and realize that I am worth it and do deserve the best. I want to set a good example for my son. I want him to realize that he can do whatever he wants and that he is also worth it. I hear him already telling me all the negative things I tell myself and that needs to stop. Hopefully by putting this out there in black and white will help to kick my butt into gear. Watch me do this. Until next time ....


Sandra said...

Happy Birthday Kristyn! Hope you had a great day. I know how hard it is to make changes, but the baby steps idea is the best way. that's what I di - just say - do this one thing, then on to the next. It does work and Clark is the best reason to be more positive!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to have missed your birthday! Hope this year will be terrific!