Monday, July 07, 2014

6 Month Goal Check In

Believe it or not we are now more than half way through 2014. I cannot believe that July is here already. So I figured now would be a good time to check into the progress I have made toward the few 2014 goals that I set for myself.

1) Learn 4 new crafting techniques - toe up socks, crochet, knitting with beads and color work. This gives me 3 months to work on a project for each one.

I did try toe-up socks and decided it is not for me. I have not tried any of the other techniques yet.

2) Try to take a picture each day and post to Instagram

Yeah this is a big fail. I did the 100 Happy Days project but other than that my Instagram posting is pretty sporadic. I am ok with that though. I should know by now that making myself do something every day does not work for me.

3) Work on decluttering the house

I was doing pretty well on this one for the first few months of the year but have slacked off. I really need to get back to this as we are running out of places to shove things.

4) Have one day a month where we do something as family

Another fail on this one. We spend a lot of one on one time with Clark but we do not do as much together all three of us as we should.

So basically I have some work to do on these goals for the next 6 months. Maybe I will have another check in at the beginning of October to help keep me accountable. Until next time ….

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