Tuesday, December 09, 2014

November Fitness Check In

Another month means another fitness check in. November was a rough month. I have a very difficult time with the falling back time change and the lack of light that follows. 

Fitness: I only managed to work out for 264 minutes out of a goal of 600 minutes. Again it was a rough month and I had a hard time dragging my butt out of bed.

Food: again this is my biggest obstacle. I seem to be ok when I am at work because I am limited to what I bring but once I am home it is a free for all. There was also a lot of ice cream and cheesecake consumed this month because of anniversary, birthday and Thanksgiving celebrations.

Weight: I gained .03lbs for the month. Considering how bad I ate and the fact that I did not work out much I am happy with this number. I lost an inch off of my thighs and the rest of my measurements stayed the same. 

I hoping that December will be better but with the holidays you never know. 

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A :-) said...

I think you did remarkably well for such a celebration-packed month!