Monday, April 13, 2015

Books Read: March 2015

For the month I finished 4 books. I am still behind my 52 in 52 Challenge but I am not to concerned. In March I read:

1) Our Lady of the Lost and Found: A Novel of Mary, Faith, and Friendship by one morning a middle-ages author finds the virgin Mary in her living room. Allowing the virgin mother to stay at her home for a week she learns about Mary's history and what she wants from her own life.

2) Lost and Found by Carolyn Parkhurst - Laura signs herself and her teenage daughter up for a reality TV adventure show in hopes that they can become close again. Along the way they meet an eclectic group of characters who are all running away from their own issues.

3) Yarn Over Murder: A Knitting Mystery by Maggie Sefton - in this installment of the series Kelly Flynn and her friends are trying to solve the murder of a local rancher while dealing with the wild fire that is threatening their valley.

4) The Red Hat Club by Haywood Smith - a group of best friends since high school five middle-aged women work to help one of their own rally against her cheating husband.

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