Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Musings

Another week has come and gone and I find myself once again reflecting on what has happened.

1) Clark had a piece selected to be displayed in the school district art show. I was so proud of him but he seemed to have cared less.

2) I have not been on social media much the past few weeks. This was not a choice I made but it has been a bit freeing.

3) We went to Family Fun Day that was put on by OU Cares. This is a resource group through Oakland University for families of children with autism. It was a good time and really made it hit home how lucky we are that Clark is so high functioning.

4) I went to the doctor today and I have gained 7 pounds in 3 months. While my numbers are still good they will not stay that way if I keep this up.

5) I am loving the extra light at the end of the day now that we have sprung forward. I am starting to feel a bit more human now.

Here is the week in pictures.

Finishing my book and watching the NCAA First Four games

Clark's art piece

The artist and his creation

Drowning my sorrows in ice cream after Michigan State's loss in the NCAA tournament

Having fun in the bouncy house at family fun day

Clark has suckered daddy into playing Minecraft with him

A pair of finished Rye socks for charity

Preemie hat #6 for the year

Onto the edging on my birth stone color affection

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A :-) said...

Wow! Clark's art is exceptional - really amazing work for a little guy!