Wednesday, April 27, 2016

2016 Goal Check In

Since we are now a quarter of the way through the year I have decided to do a check in on where I am on my 2016 goals.

1) Learn to crochet – have not attempted yet
2) Learn color work – have not attempted but I do have yarn and a pattern to do so
3) Learn to sew – I am looking to buy a sewing machine soon
4) Finish our blanket – still need to block, sew together and add border (I want to complete for Stash Dash)
5) Make Clark's 5 year blanket – have not started
6) Learn to cross stitch – have not attempted
7) Knit every day – I am doing pretty well with this one
8) Knit 24 ornaments for our tree – I have made 5 so far
9) Knit 52 preemie hats – I have made 9 so far
10) Hat for Clark - done
11) Doctor Who blanket for Jerry – working on this project now

1) Lose 1lb per week – some weeks yes some weeks not so much
2) Work out 3 times per week - nope
3) Cut out sugar – big no on this one
4) Go to knitting at least 2 times per month – so far so good
5) Read 52 books – I have read 12 books so far so according to Goodreads I am currently 4 books behind schedule
6)Write in a private journal daily – doing ok on this one
7)Study a language on Duolingo – have not started yet
8) Post a picture to Instagram daily – again doing pretty well on this one

1) Save $20 per month - nope
2) Less unnecessary spending - nope
3) Start savings account for Clark – not yet
4) Allowance for Clark - nope

1) Special event once per month – so far so good
2) More educational activities with Clark – working on this one
3) Restart Clark's chore chart - nope
4) Eat dinner together 3 times per week – we do this most weeks

1) 15 minutes decluttering per week - nope
2) Deep clean one area per week - nope

1) Open Etsy shop by end of 2nd quarter – working on it
2) Work on knitting designs – have my shawl and baby blanket I am working on
3) Blog 3 times per week – this one is hit or miss
4) Buy domain name - nope
5) Podcast every two weeks – so far so good with this one

1) Be kinder to myself – trying hard on this one
2) Realize I cannot do everything – again trying hard
3) Don't be afraid to do new things – see above
4) Remember that I do not have to complete everything right away – see above

I feel like I am making some good progress towards things. I will check in again sometime in July to see how things are progressing.

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