Thursday, March 02, 2017

Hello There March

Hello There March,

I am very happy to see you. After January and February - my two least favorite months of the year - it is always nice when you come around. However, I could have done without the snow and major winds the you came with yesterday. But like they say you do like to come in like a Lion.

One of the reasons why I am happy to see you each year is because we get to move the clocks ahead an hour. While most people prefer falling back I always appreciate the extra daylight you bring when we spring forward.

Another thing I love about you is March Madness. It always makes me remember my mom because she loved watching all the games she could. Eve though my beloved Spartans are not doing so well this year I am looking forward to the tourney again this year.

The only thing I ask is for you to [lease be gentle with the 20-30 degree changes you also usually bring. It wreaks havoc with my sinuses and man do they ever hurt.

I look forward to our time together this year.


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Honoré said...

Ah March Madness! I have a friend who is literally glued to her set - started last month for her, I do believe. In our house, March is just the time we bide til' "Play ball!" - baseball season begins!