Thursday, April 06, 2017

Books Read: February and March 2017

The entire month of March was a bust for me and not much got done. I never got around to typing up a post for the February books read so here I am with 2 months worth of books for you.

1) Sycamore Row by John Grisham - I always worry about sequels, especially when the come so long after the original. While I did enjoy the book it just did not live up to A Time to Kill for me. Jake really bugged me in this book. I also figured out the twist at the end pretty early on.

2) See You At the Top by Zig Ziglar - one of the most famous self help books written. He did have a lot of good points but I had a hard time getting past the antiquated views on women and gays. I also got annoyed at the length of time he spent on the evils of marijuana use. It is also very preachy about religion so be forewarned.

3) Exposed: The Secret Life of Jodi Arias by Jane Velez-Mitchell -an interesting look inside the trial of the woman convicted of brutally murdering her ex-boyfriend. As a warning there is a lot of very graphic sexual content in this book. I always find stories like these fascinating. The Killer Next Door

4) The Killer Next Door by Alex Marwood - another book I feel I need to warn you about. There is a lot of gory details in this book much of which I skimmed over. I loved it though. I thought the characters were pretty well developed. The second book I have read and really enjoyed from the author.

5) Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life by Wayne Dyer - this book is a group of essays based upon the 81 verses of the Tao Te Ching written 2500 years ago. This one was a bit new-agey for me but again there were a lot of good points made in the book

6) The Never-Open Desert Diner by James Anderson - I was pleasantly surprised by this quirky little book. It was a pretty interesting concept. I like that it was not all wrapped up neatly in a bow at the end but that we did receive enough closure to not feel cheated.

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