Monday, May 15, 2017

Monday Musings

Here we are halfway through the month of May already. Here is what is going on around here.

1) Little man scored his first goal at soccer on Saturday. He was so excited!

2) Mothers Day yesterday was such a great day. I really enjoyed my day of relaxation.

3) It is time to get off my butt and exercise and eat better. The scale is slowly creeping up to a number I never want to see.

4) My knitting mojo continues to come back. I am feeling the want to cast on all the things.

Here are some pictures from the week.

I remember when I was this flexible

Little man was not happy about having to dress up like a school boy from the 1800s for his field trip

Lunch with a Loved One at school

Little man and daddy enjoying an ice cream at the school open house

BOGOs from Cold Stone are not helping with the goal of healthy eating

I loved how the clouds looked at the soccer game on Saturday

Little man playing defense

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