Thursday, May 18, 2017

Think Write Thursday: The Advice Edition

The topic this week is advice you would give to yourself at 5, 16 ,21 and your current age.

To my 5 year old self:
Try not to worry so much. Enjoy your childhood more. Play more. Try to make more friends. 

To my 16 year old self:

You are good enough. You are definitely not fat. You are deserving of good things. What others think about you does not matter.

To my 21 year old self:

Go to class. Realize that these guys you are wasting time with are not worth the tears. Do not be afraid. Do a study abroad like you want to.

To my 40 year old self:

Remember you are worthy. Remember you are blessed. Remember to enjoy each day to the best of your ability. Spend as much time as you can with your husband and son.

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Susan Barclay said...

*Visiting from Think Write Thursday*

Great advice!