Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday Musings

Here we are at the start of another week. How is it possible that we are now halfway through July? Slow down time already!

1) My co-worker returned from her trip to Hawaii. She had a great time and brought me back some yummy chocolates and bought me a gift card. She is so sweet and never takes time like this off so I am glad she was able to go and have a good time.

2) My other co-worker has returned from medical leave. She will need to go through chemo and radiation but is hopeful that she will be able to work during her treatments. I still have another co-worker out on medical leave with heart issues and another who had a severe house fire two weeks ago.

3) The bad luck in our office can seriously move on any day now.

4) I am almost caught up on my podcasts after being 2+ weeks behind for a few months. Now to work on the shows on the DVR.

5) I think we will be able to go to Traverse City for a few days at the end of August. Little man has been begging to go back. Daddy and I could sure use a bit of a vacation as well.

Here are some pictures for the week.

I wasn't feeling well so little man brought me his power ranger to make me feel better

I just love blood work said no one ever

Oh my hubby spoils me

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