Monday, May 09, 2016

Monday Musings

Here we are in May which hardly seems possible. Here is what I am thinking about this week.

1) I hit a car in the parking lot at work last week. Nothing makes you feel stupider than hitting something that is not moving.

2) My reading mojo has seriously decreased. I have been reading my current book for 10 days and am only halfway through.

3) However my knitting mojo is in full effect and I have knit quite a bit the past couple of weeks.

4) The guys went out of town over the weekend so my Mothers Day gift was a weekend to myself.

5) I am not sleeping well and this is really starting to get on my nerves.

Here are some pictures for you.

Preemie hat #9 complete

 Paved boot topper #1

Pretty flowers on our walk

Taking a walk before the rain came

Dalek dishcloth for hubby's Doctor Who blanket

Star ornaments for my tree

Pretending to be a dog

Christmas bell ornaments

Terzetto hat for charity

Preemie hat #10

I love that he loves to read

Dressed up for the Mothers Day concert at school

Trying to determine how to big to make my market bag

Another square for the Doctor Who blanket

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