Friday, January 06, 2006

100 Things

I hope I can get through this - here are 100 things about crazy knitting fool

  1. My full name is Kristyn Jay
  2. My parents gave me my middle name after my great-grandfather (on dad's side) and my mom's cousin Jennifer who everyone called Jay
  3. My husband loves to tease me about my middle name
  4. I don't hate the name anymore like I did as a kid
  5. My dad's name is Larry
  6. I love him but he drives me crazy sometimes
  7. My mom's name was Judy
  8. She died of cancer on February 12, 2002
  9. I miss her more than I ever imagined I could
  10. DH's name is Jerry
  11. We met at a bar
  12. My mom told me I would never find a good guy at a bar
  13. She was wrong
  14. We were married on November 8, 2003
  15. We were married at the Alumni Chapel at Michigan State
  16. I graduated from MSU in June of 2003
  17. I started there in August 1994
  18. I didn't attend the whole 9 years
  19. I was kicked out because of my grades
  20. I went back full time in August 2002
  21. It's the best thing I have done
  22. Except marry my hubby
  23. I was born June 26, 1976
  24. My mom wanted to name me Betsy Ross or Martha Washington because I was born so close to the bicentennial
  25. I am grateful every day that my dad put his foot down
  26. That means I will turn 30 this year
  27. I am not happy about that
  28. I have 2 older siblings
  29. My sister is 11 years older and my brother is 8 years older
  30. I was an oops
  31. I was practically an only child
  32. My sister went to college when I was 7 and my brother got married when I was 12
  33. My brother was 20 and my SIL was 19 when they got married
  34. They will be married 18 years in July
  35. I wonder sometimes how my SIL has stayed married to him so long
  36. I love my nieces to death
  37. They are 12 and 6
  38. They are complete opposites
  39. My dad is engaged to my SIL's mom
  40. I have a very hard time dealing with it
  41. As crazy as it is I feel like he is cheating on my mom
  42. I have been in therapy since last January to deal with my anger
  43. I don't blow up as much as I used to
  44. I grew up in Fowlerville, Michigan
  45. It was a nice place to grow up
  46. I could never live there again
  47. The people there are way to closed minded for us
  48. We are an interracial couple
  49. It's amazing that we still get those looks in the year 2006
  50. I don't care though
  51. We live in Rochester, Michigan
  52. We love it here
  53. Of course we could never afford a house here
  54. I'm not sure what we will do
  55. I wanted to be a lawyer almost my entire life
  56. I wonder sometimes if I should go to law school
  57. Mostly I wonder when I am at work
  58. I hate my job
  59. My boss is a psycho
  60. I am looking for a new one
  61. I am a major sports nut
  62. I have screamed at the tv during sporting events
  63. My favorite sports are hockey and men's college basketball
  64. I hate most women's sports
  65. I think they are boring
  66. I love the Olympics
  67. The only women's sports I watch are Olympic sports
  68. I love to read
  69. I love mysteries and suspense novels
  70. I wish I read more
  71. I started to knit in April 2005
  72. I was prompted by Amy and Sherry
  73. I have never been very crafty
  74. I was quickly addicted
  75. I stay out of yarn stores
  76. I can't afford to buy much yarn
  77. I am hoping that I am not repeating myself on this thing
  78. I am a homebody
  79. I can stay in my apartment for 2 days and not think anything of it
  80. Sometimes I wonder if that is a good thing
  81. I love to sing
  82. I am not very good
  83. I really don't sing when others can hear me
  84. That includes my hubby
  85. I am fairly shy
  86. This can come across as snobby or bitchy
  87. I'm not sure how to change that
  88. I usually lose interest in things easily
  89. That probably why this thing was silent from July to December
  90. That's also why I thought I would never get married
  91. I can't wait to have kids
  92. I am afraid of being a bad mother
  93. I want to be a stay at home mom
  94. I don't think that will happen
  95. My hubby will have to take them to daycare
  96. I'm sure that I would cry everyday if I had to do it
  97. I tend to compare myself to other people
  98. I need to stop doing that
  99. I tend to have low self esteem
  100. I am sure glad I got through this.

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