Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year Folks!

I hope all have had a safe and happy New Year. On Saturday DH and I went to my father's house for dinner and then to my brother's for their annual party. We had a good time - played Taboo and Scene It which was fun. Yesterday we had our normal quiche brunch at my dad's and came home where we proceeded to do nothing. I loved it. I got the first day of the monthly dishcloth group KAL done and finished untangling and winding the yarn for my aunt's frog dishcloths.

I have never been one to make New Year's Resolutions but I like Laurie's idea of making lists. I love to make lists so this should be easy. So here we have Kristy's (aka crazy knitting fool) 2006 list of to-do's and to-do-not's.

Financial To-Do's:
Start putting some money into a savings account each month
Pay bills on time to avoid late fees
Pay extra toward credit card debt to get them paid off sooner
Cook dinner at home more

Work To-Do's:
Have a better attitude while at work
Stay ontop of things and let fewer things fall through the cracks
Go back to school and finish paralegal degree
Search for a new job

Personal To-Do's:
Learn to let anger towards my father go
Talk to doctor about trying to get pregnant at appointment next month
Be better at cleaning and organizing house
Do something nice for myself once a month (buy some yarn, a book, CD or DVD, etc)
Drink more water
Lose weight
Get a massage
Get new contacts
Take Jerry to The Lion King @ Warton

Knitting To-Do's:
Make clapotis
Improve this blog
Go to SnB more often
Learn how to make socks
Finish Jerry's hat
Make some beaded stitch markers
Finally felt the booga bag that has been off the needles since August

To-Do Not's:
Stop buying things out of the vending machine at work
Do not let other people's problems and attitudes affect me so much
Quit worrying about everything
Do not allow other people's ideas and values become mine
Quit comparing myself to other people
Drink less Coke

So that's all I can think of right now. I may add or remove things as I see fit. I hope to actually review these things peroidically and see how I am progressing. Have a great day all!

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