Sunday, January 22, 2006

Short Weekend

So this has been a short weekend. On Friday 4 of my co-workers and I left for Chicago. We drove down to attend a training we had to go to. We were there all day yesterday in the meeting and drove back afterwards. We arrived back at our work around 11:30 last night so it was almost midnight by the time I got home. It was not fun at all. The only good thing was meeting people from other offices who I have only emailed or talked on the phone to. However, this brought out the scared little kid in me. I have major fears of being ostracized by people. I really want to change this about myself but I'm not sure how to. I also hate that I feel not included. I was sitting at a table with 3 other people - I was on the end, one of the people from another office was next to me and 2 of my co-workers were on the other end. The 3 of them were talking to each other and sort of ignoring me. I know they were not being mean but my feelings were so hurt. I really wish that I could be more outgoing so I could talk to people I don't know very well more easily.

Well enough with the pity party. I have not done much knitting the past week and I can feel it. I am so much more cranky and tense. I need to learn how to set aside time for me. I think that I am going to join the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics and knit up the clapotis. I also need to start working on Jerry's hat again since winter will be over soon. I started my finished objects blog and have 2 items in it - check out the sidebar. And now I am going to bed.

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Dana said...

I'm sorry that your conference wasn't more fun. Chicago is a great town and under different circumstances I'm sure you would have had a great time.

I'm pretty shy myself, so I know what you mean about being left out. I have been working on being a little more outgoing and that's how I found the Detroit knitting group. Just set little goals for yourself...say hi to someone at the market or gas station. Little things like that will make it easier. In contrast I'm a big-mouth around people I know, but that whole getting-to-know-people phase can be hard.

Take care.